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LYRICS: Andy Duguid feat. Jaren – 7Even

Wildflowers and daydreams
Start with a seed
So do the thoughts
Spinning round in me
Beauty cycles again
Where do I begin?
I feel the light
Calling me
I feel the light
Calling me

With his second long-player (“fresh air has been breathed” enthused MIXMAG in their Album of the Month review) on full release and it’s first single taking up residence in a very healthy cross-section of spinners CDJs, time’s right for ‘On The Edge’s step-2. Once again living up to his “martinet of doin’-things-different” tag (DJMag), standby for nothing less than the exceptional! Featuring the lyrical & vocal radiance of US chanteuse Jaren, a formidable remix cast (Mark Sixma and Temple One among them) and Andy’s bold, visionary Original, here comes ‘7even’.

Every bit as enigmatic as the ‘In This Moment’ video was cryptic, standby for one of the most immersing, entrancing, all-out mesmeric club tracks you’re going to hear this side of twenty-fourteen. Duguid’s Original Mix of ‘7even’ positions Jaren’s extraordinary song front and very, very centre. Seizing the track’s high ground for three beat-free minutes it steals the breath, before Duguid finally, brilliantly reconnects the drums and incising synths.

Following his DJ-praised work on the remix of Cosmic Gate’s ‘Crushed’, Holland’s Mark Sixma is just as quick to impress on ‘7even’. With a retake that’s as technical as it is tactical, he flashes toughened trance steel and uses his big room studio boom to fill every sonic inch of the club.

Working the track onto more euphoric ground, ‘7even’s remix load-out signs off with a hefty remix one-two from the UK. On his remap, Temple One musters an up-whirl of ebullient synths, backed by sub-melody thrall and Jaren’s stunning harmonics. Wrapping up the release, Sheffield’s Adam Ellis takes the track to the uplifting ends of the earth. Keeping his super-saw synths razor sharp, and cutting and threading the vocal around them he aims ‘7even’ at the heavens and hits ‘release’.

A mix for all occasions, this one’s a vote for the future!

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