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LYRICS: Bobina & Ana Criado – For Who I

So much time
Is passing us by
And we think we’ll make it forever
But we won’t
For so long I had hopes
Just to stop
To connect
To be seen
Worthy of your heart
And all I ever wanted
Is for your eyes to shine
When you see me
For who I am
And all I really wanted
Is for you to know me
And be proud of who I am
For who I am
I always thought
The day will come
And we will wake up
Both, truly wake up
And understand what it means
To be close
And to love each other
And the power that it brings
And all I ever wanted
Is for your eyes to shine
When you see me
For who I am…


Taken from his pan-genre ‘Same Difference’ long-player, here comes the next single testimony from Russian electronic dance don Bobina. Following the orchestra-driven euphoria of ‘Sacramentum’, the trance-noir of uber-deep ‘Basque The Dog’ and the infectious house elevation of ‘Miami Echoes’, he expands the album’s range again. Featuring the vocals of the infinitely talented Ana Criado, here comes the much anticipated ‘For Who I Am’. Kicking off ‘For Who I Am’s single release, Bobina himself has expanded the album’s original into a stunning mood-fused Extended version. With the intro’s long held sweeping notes setting its tone, he laces it masterfully with pianoforte lines and the deep LFO throb of its bassline. Having previously sung on releases by some of electronic music’s biggest names (W&W, Markus Schulz Armin van Buuren and Alex M.O.R.P.H. being just a few), Holland’s Ana Criado sweeps the track floor-bound. With its moving theme of unfulfilled love providing its emotional core, Bobina brings the steel, with an incising leadline, which takes the track out of the dark and dazzlingly into the light. Directed by Roman Trofimov. Produced by Long Story Production

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